Ensure that your customers from Australia, Oceania and Asia will reach you online as quickly as possible

In case your resource–hungry multimedia websites are targeted at people that come from Australia, Oceania or Asia, then you can check over the datacenter in Australia option available on our order page. Amaze is one of the best–connected data centers in the country and presently hosts the sites of Australia’s top telecoms, government and financial organizations. It provides exceptional web hosting conditions for your sites and will ensure the best possible browsing experience for your website visitors.

With the datacenter in Australia, you’ll be able to host various traffic–intensive websites. We do offer you a selection of VPS deals to choose from and they all offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and require no setup costs at all. In addition, our experienced admins will ensure the protection of your information by creating weekly off–site backup copies.


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Australia Based Hosting Packages

In case you’re looking for a completely different web hosting solution, in our datacenter in Australia we also offer Linux hosting packages. Each Australia Based Hosting deal features a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. A 24/7 technical support team is at your service too. With each package you’ll also secure a free–of–charge domain name, limitless disk space, unlimited web traffic and unlimited MySQL database storage space quotas. Thus, you can easily let your website evolve unrestrained within our datacenter in Australia without having to worry about any type of traffic or storage quota limitations.